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Denver band All Chiefs is an independent group on the heels of their second EP, Fashion Forward. The dynamic, modern rock five piece consisting of Mic Carroll (lead vocals), Justen Howard (guitar, keys, vocals), Connor Brown (bass), Ben Batchelor (drums), and Zack Dare (guitar, keys, vocals), has already been hailed by The Grateful Web as "An indie rock-star super group." All Chiefs was formed in 2013 when Howard (Empire of Lights) arrived in Denver looking to hitch his wagon to the budding music scene. Howard met Carroll and Batchelor (Boulder’s Tommy & the Tangerines) who were looking for a fresh sound. The addition of Brown and Dare came as the band was looking for a larger sound that still maintained rock and pop sensibilities. The vision is realized in their recorded work and unforgettable live shows. “We’re having so much fun and we want everyone who comes to see us to have fun too” acknowledges Howard. "It’s about sharing our passions and ideas with our audience.” Carroll continues, “Through our music - this song, this note, this lyric. It’s a shared understanding of something super duper awesome." Bolderbeat.com writes, "All Chiefs are so worth seeing live. They’re a fun, dancey rock band whose songs easily stick with you. Their music is heartfelt, and that’s evidenced best when you get to watch them bop and groove onstage, instruments in hand." Wherever it comes from, All Chiefs provide a fresh take on contemporary rock ‘n’ roll that has proven appeal. Marquee Magazine says of the EP Fashion Forward, "[All Chiefs] have gelled into a powerful modern rock project. The quintet gets dancey, droney, and gentle at times, and thrives the most when Carroll is allowed to showcase his incredibly strong vocals." Riding the successful release of their sophomore EP Fashion Forward, All Chiefs released their second official music video, “Pusher” - a high energy rock song, hinted with 80's nostalgia speaking to the isolating nature of addiction. Due to its unique concept and raw presentation, the video was met with unprecedented social media success. "We want people to feel something they've never felt before," concluded Brown. "We want them to have their mind blown while feeling like they've been listening to us their whole life."